Sign Our Petition to Make Prevailing Wage Permissive!


Ohio’s prevailing wage mandates can drive away local businesses from competing for contracts to build necessary infrastructure. Making prevailing wage permissive will allow 30% more infrastructure work to be done locally!

Every tax dollar spent on prevailing wage mandates is one less dollar towards rebuilding crumbling infrastructure.

We want good, high paying jobs for Ohio’s construction workers. We also want to keep them employed for years to come with more projects without breaking the bank of state and local budgets. This isn’t a fight against labor unions, this is a fight for Ohio’s local businesses who want to build Ohio.

Furthermore, the Governor is proposing a $0.18 increase to the state gasoline tax! By making prevailing wage permissive, it reduces the need for more taxes!

Sign our petition to the Ohio House of Representatives to support our efforts!

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